Our company

The https://www.sobego.com site allows you to make your purchases as simply as possible in the world, without any constraint and secure https with an SSL certificate in order to best meet the new requirements of our customers.

Behind Sobego is an online store established in Switzerland.

Sobego,a company present not only in Switzerland but also, through the magic of the Internet, all over the world.

Sobego has continued to evolve, becoming over time a real pole of attraction for customers looking for good deals.

The offer is distinguished by the enormous diversity of catalogs, tee full of clever and entertaining ideas.

Each catalog includes a few hundred items and products that facilitate the practical aspects of everyday life, beautify the house and garden, make your well-being and health a priority or simply aim to please!

Take a few minutes to learn more about Sobego.

It is thanks to an extremely dense purchasing network that it is possible to offer customers branded items every day at competitive prices. The complete assortment is thus constantly evolving.

The following lines will give you an overview of our products from major brands, as attractive as the others.

What you find with us:

Whether for:

  • the household
  • furnishings
  • current and international fashion
  • body care
  • interior textiles
  • hobbies and hobbies
  • and many other categories ...

Sobego offers a wide range of items, among which you will find what you need for almost every situation in everyday life. Not to mention the typical Sobegoitems, known and appreciated throughout Switzerland, of great originality and always of exceptional value for money!

Our team

Sobego's headquarters include warehouse, sales, administrative services, purchasing, marketing, customer service and logistics.
Our employees now have large, clear and airy offices, and Sobego is best prepared for the future. Each service has been redesigned to meet current and future requirements.